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Want Video Footage?

If you want perfect video from a moving boat, you can get the best results from a dedicated camera operator using several thousand dollars worth of video equipment. However, if you want to capture all your riding sets, watch the video when you get back in the boat, play it back in slow motion and analyze your riding, capture stills, play some footage back on the big screen, post videos online, e-mail photos to friends or just improve your riding by using video, then the WakeJak Tracking Camera Mount will do it best. Check out these videos:


WakeJak Camera Mount Setup and Use


WakeJak Wakeboarding Video Footage


WakeJak Wakesurfing and Skiing Footage


All videos shot without any camera image stabilization or image processing, and with no editing other than cuts and text — So you can see what the video looks like in its most raw state. If you have a good camera with good image stabilization, and you tune the system to your boat, your results will be even better.


What did customers who used the WakeJak Camera Mount have to say?


"Finally got out and tested out the

camera mount… sorry for the delay.

The mount is super cool!"


"We tested it with a friends pocket handheld camera then my Canon HD camcorder. Both worked fantastic."


"Used my new WakeJak this weekend for the first time… In a word… Awesome!"


"I really liked it. I thought the videos turned out great."


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  New WakeJak Tracking Camera Mount Sells for under $100 – Works Better Than Boat Manufacturers' Systems Costing Over $2500.

Want video of yourself or other wakeboarders, but can’t seem to get anyone to operate the camera? You can buy a wakeboard boat for $70,000+ and spend another $2500+ to get their tracking camera system. Or you can add the new WAKEJAK CAMERA MOUNT for under $100 to the WakeJak base, use your own camcorder (or an inexpensive pocket camcorder), and have a system which not only costs next to nothing in comparison, but which offers features and HD video quality that you can’t get on the Boat Manufacturers’ systems. Hard to believe? Check out the features comparison chart and video footage below and judge for yourself.


Attach it to The WakeJak Base* and Your Camcorder of Choice


* Don't Yet Have a Wakejak But Still Want a Camera Mount?

For A Very Limited Time: You can get all the benefits of the WakeJak system (protection of your boards, racks, tower and bimini from damage by the tow rope; eliminating hassles and the need to pay attention to the tow rope), PLUS THE NEW WAKEJAK TRACKING CAMERA MOUNT, all for well under $300 — less than the cost of other tracking camera mounts on the market, just on its own.


Connect the Camera to a Boat Video Screen or a TV; Capture Still Photos; Watch Video In Slow Motion; E-Mail or Post Photos and Video Online; Improve Your Riding



Actual screen capture from video shot with WakeJak Tracking Camera Mount
(note WakeJak arm at bottom of picture)




10+ Features You Can Get With the WakeJak Tracking Camera Mount That

Aren't Available On Boat Manufacturers Camera Systems

Tracking Camera Mount Comparison

Boat Manufacturers

$2000-$2800 Systems

WakeJak Tracking Camera Mount (with $129 Kodak Playsport Camera and $12 Playsport Remote)

Water resistant Yes Yes
Tracks the wakeboarder Yes Yes
Hooks to computer for easy downloading of videos Yes Yes
Can play back video on in-dash view screens or other systems with component video input Yes Yes
Can watch video live as you record it if boat is equipped with in-dash or other view systems Yes Yes +
Camcorder remote control (wired or wireless) Yes Yes
Full HD recording and playback Some Yes
Zoom (optical or digital) No Yes ++
Slow motion playback No Yes
Image stabilization No Yes
Can change ropes and rope lengths without disconnecting camera On some systems Yes
Whole camera fits easily in your pocket No Yes
Comes with HDMI cords in addition to component and USB cords to connect to TV, Computer, etc No Yes
Waterproof - Can take off tower and use for underwater shots No Yes
Easy to remove camera from boat for other uses No Yes
Works with most camcorders if you would prefer to use your own No Yes
Camera mount has unlimited angle adjustments for easily recording wakesurfers and wakeboarders No Yes
Full sound pickup located with camera for recording action sounds Some Yes


+ The $129 Kodak PlaySport does not yet offer live video recording output. GoPro just added this firmware to some of its cameras, and several other camcorders which can be mounted on the WakeJak system also offer such output.

++ The PlaySport offers 4xdigital zoom. Many camcorders which can be mounted on the WakeJak system offer optical zoom and greater magnification.

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