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How does WakeJak work?
  Wakejak clears the rope  

Sure, the tow rope’s fine when there is a wakeboarder out on the end. But when the rider drops and the rope goes slack, the rope can hang down in the passenger compartment, rub on the bimini top, and can get tangled in the boards and racks. WakeJak keeps the rope up horizontally and stops it from getting tangled or hooked. WakeJak’s aluminum clamp and carbon fiber rods are easy to attach, look great on the boat, store easily in a compartment, and allow you to change ropes and rope lengths quickly and easily. It’s a simple, easy-to-use solution to your limp rope issues. Pro riders and drivers love the fact you can set it and forget it. Who needs to spend time dealing with rope issues when you could be perfecting your backside roll to revert?? Pro’s got WakeJak, you got next?

  The WakeJak clamp attaches to the tow ball or post on your tower with two simple wing nuts. If you want to take the clamps off at the end of the day, it takes only a few seconds to take down – or leave it on; it looks like it was born on your boat. The .375 diameter black carbon fiber rods have solid aluminum threaded connections. Screwing them together and then onto the rotating arm on the front of the clamp takes less time than feeding out the wakeboarding rope. The rods quickly screw apart, and store easily in a compartment. The outer rod also has a foam bumper and a neoprene rubber end for safety (as if wakeboarding wasn’t already too safe).  
How much is it?

WakeJak retails for around $200 - about the same as you would spend to buy one high quality handle and rope.
And WakeJak could easily save you that much dough over and over again in damaged ropes, boards, racks, bimini tops or defense fees for lawsuits brought by partially strangled passengers. Each WakeJak is manufactured in the USA from brushed marine aluminum, stainless steel and carbon fiber. You own an expensive boat. Don’t outfit it with junk. Buy the best. WakeJak.

Do I really need one?

For years, people got up off the couch to change the TV channel, searched for a pay phone to make calls and used White-out to make changes to documents. We aren’t saying that WakeJak will change your life like remote controls, cell phones or computers (it won’t). However, once you see how much easier it is to drive the boat without having to steer around the rope or without having to get up to get the rope out of the boards and racks, you won’t want to go back to driving a boat without one. Look at what it costs to outfit a boarder. Doesn’t the driver deserve a little new gear? If all a WakeJak did was make your boating time easier and more enjoyable, wouldn’t that be enough? What it does in addition, however, is help to protect your investment in your boat, your boards, your racks, your bimini top and the safety of your passengers (especially if you have kids or people who act like kids on board).

What if I don't like it?

What if I don’t like it, or it breaks or it doesn't work well on my boat? Full Refund. Repeat: Full Refund. We don’t want you to have it if you don’t like it. A customer who does not like a product is far more of a negative to us than the small amount of profit made off that one sale. We will help you fix it or adapt it to your boat and circumstances if you want. If you would rather us take it back, we will. No Problem. Buying a WakeJak shouldn’t be a risk – if you don’t like it for some reason, we will take it back and refund your money. So what’s stopping you? Give one a try today.

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